The Radical Wisdom by Ricardo Semler

Thanks to my intellectual friend, who shared this video on the FaceBook, I can further share it with you!

It is about the radical wisdom.
I would add – freedom of human-being and the opportunity of self-expression through work you want to do.



Overall, there are two things that come up in my mind (except these many “WHYs” questions I can’t stop asking myself):
1. Lets try this in the public sector and I think we will never have a problem with lack of qualified and motivated work-force again. The problem of missing enthusiastic people in governmental sector is pretty huge, because these people like to be well organized by their own calendar instead of regular 8 working hours. The radical wisdom pretty much solves the situation from the very bottom.
2. When I go to Brazil, I’ll visit one of the three schools Ricardo Semler has set up! I think we should set the kinds free and the magic would happen, as it has happened in Brazil with pupils that perform much better comparing to regular school kid. I also agree that by working with children we can seed the futures working environment, and it is not necessary that all companies change right now and applies the radical thinking. However, it would only make them better off.


Enjoy watching; and bring it forward!

@ agneesze


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