How Data Made Me Sleepy Next Morning

Today I was collecting data from several sources: EUROSTAT, OECD and Global Competitiveness Index Report.

Together from 16 Excel workbooks (which everyone has at least 3 sheets and three of them were official databases) I managed to create a one Data-Set with data I need. Then I started to do my work – calculations.

I wanted to show you how does it look like, but even zooming out to the minimum 10%, all calculations didn’t fit in a page. And I have 4 sheets like that for years 2006, 2008, 2010 and 2012.

This is the PrintScreen of one of the sheets:



So now I have my results and I can go to bed satisfied, loving myself.

For those, who are interested, the results will be reported in scientific paper, probably after half a year. I will inform. But for now, you can still come on the 25th of March to University of Latvia, Faculty of Economics and Management (Aspazijas boulevard 5, auditorium 322 at 6pm) where I will present my first ideas of the PhD thesis and how it’s going.

This is what I do in my “free” evenings. Sorry if sometimes (read – usually) I’m sleepy in mornings, my head is full with numbers and therefore my operating system “Brain” also slows-down :)

Good night!

@ agneesze


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