Random Walk in Milan

This year on May I went on a trip to Milan. This time my trip wasn’t related neither to work nor studies. I didn’t have any homework with me, which was unusual and confusing. I found out that it gives me a lot of free time that I can use for exploring the city. My new home was shining as a sun in the middle of the old city. It had also a great inner yard just like in movies about Italy that I have seen.

On the first day (April 30th) I had more than 5 hours free time so I chose to use the principle of “Random Walk” and the beauty of getting lost. Just for informative purpose here (because my blog is related to economics) I would like to mention that random walk is a path, which consists of random moves that you cannot foreshadow; – so you never can have two equal paths neither you can predict the next value or the value at the end of the path. Visual example of 8 random walks copied from wikipedia:Random walk / wikipedia

So I literally did the random walk in Milan. I had no map, no background knowledge about the city, nothing. I walked with the wind.


 I call this picture “Gate to the new world”. I went through thinking – I’m walking in the new world of mine, my life is changing now. As it does every second I live on this Earth.


 I have no idea where this is exactly on the map :) Next to the Tram Depot there was also a Fire-Fighting Depot.  Went lost for the million time already.

Chinatown in Milan

And China-Town on the way. I found it by accident that day.
I recommend you to check it out next time you’re in Milan. As it turns out, it’s only 30min walking distance from Duomo.


I also stumbled upon an urban arts. During the menswear fashion week in Milan to help shine a light on the increasing violence against women, “The Wall of Dolls” was exhibited. First dolls were made by fashion designers themselves but now anyone can participate in the event by adding their own doll, which is definitely adding a deep emotion to the installation.  Read more on Fashiontimes.


The second day, first of May I started early with a small breakfast in bakery next to the Duomo, where I was the first client of the day.

Had a small walk around the city centre, compared to the day before – did not get lost :)


During the lunch I came home and did set my working table (even though I didn’t have specific work to be done). This is a habit I assume. As it all felt just right, the poem came into my mind – “Es esmu laiks, es Tevī tikšķu“.


The third day of my trip (May 2nd) was all about the EXPO. Some of the first feelings I have already shared in my Face Book and Instagram accounts.


Here you can find the TIMELINE of all World’s Fairs since 1851, when it first was hold in London, UK. Another interesting thing I got to know is that the EXPO 2015 is based on the historical Roman city planning – it has two streets one (very long) called Decumano and the other (very short) called Cardo. They both denote the cardinal points. Decumano has been an east-west-road and Cardo north-south-road. If you cannot visit Milan and EXPO2015, you still have opportunity to do that by having a VIRTUAL TOUR.

Overall I think this was not a bad (neither logical) choice to have a Random Walk in a big Milan and to have a map of 1.5 km long street in EXPO.

If you have not used the Random Walk yet, do it! – Who knows, maybe you’ll find a China Town or urban arts outside the centre, and some Firemen who will salute you with “Bella! Bella!”


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