The Art that I do not get // Amsterdam

Just before the Summer solstice in June I spent my time in Amsterdam. As usual – no map, no targets, no clue where to go, no tips, no nothing. Just random paths, zig zag, full battery and walking mode on. The observation is the following – I do not like the centre of Amsterdam and tourists that only have been there but have not walked at least 15min outside it do not know Amsterdam well.

However, this story / blog post is about – “what in Amsterdam confused me the most“.

In the very middle of the city I found outside market. Very old (but not antique) things could be find there, that you never find even in Easter Europe where I thought the market culture is pretty bad. It’s not. It’s totally OK. A wedding dress who already turns into 50 shades of grey with the holes in it (with or without purpose I don’t know), all other cloth on the floor within stacks up to my chest etc. Of course some sweet golden things, old bicycles and so on can also be find there, however, overall the market looks like poor people are living there.

Red light district during weekends is walkable only on lunch time – party is over, street is empty and you do not have girls in the windows all around. First walk I had on Saturday, was not too bad neither, however, didn’t feel temptation to find any nice cafeteria there. Saw some men tempted towards girls in the windows at the time of 2pm. Why not? Check the video of Red Light District here:

Temptation comes when we talk about beer. But again confusion – it is so bad overall in the Netherlands. I really don’t get what people find attractive in the White Beer, for me it is far away from real beer. Real beer though can be found in Amsterdam’s centre in Beerfabrik, where they brew the beer in-house. Just loved it! My sweet dark beer (does not sound like matching together but it does indeed).


However, to feel the real Amsterdam I suggest you to go out the centre and find the charm of the city there – I love the parks the most!

I was so lucky living near the Beatrixpark, where I spent also my good time laughing, reading, looking at sky or playing in the playground. Why not?

But here comes the main topic I wanted to talk about with you.


Of course I went to the State’s Museum. It was great! BUT, there are a lot of “buts”…. Next to the Nightwatch by Rembrandt …

… you can also find… Wait! What is it?!

For example – compare these two below. I really understand that both are arts. But it just confuses me a lot. It’s like from series “then” and “now” just that it became worse, cause to the left is old arts but to the right is modern arts.

IMG_1230 IMG_1231

At the same time I found something very interesting in the motive of Christianity this time. As for example, in the last picture there is Adam and Eve. Firstly, why Eve is so white?! And then the snake is in the image as child – is child a sin?

The gratitude of my time an experience, and new questions I am not afraid to ask!

What has been behind the scene I see?

What have artists felt?

What was the issues of that time?

Why is this important?

If you have to draw one painting – what would that be?

Sincerely yours, @agneesze.


2 thoughts on “The Art that I do not get // Amsterdam

  1. Sorry to hear you didn’t like the beer. But there are so many small breweries all over, my favourite is De Prael, which is next to Warmoestraat. Het Ij Brewery is also nice, because of its location in the old Wind-mill. And yes, the White Beer sucks)


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