Miami B[ea]ch

Miami South Beach surprised me mostly with the floods. When I was staying in Miami, it was also the time of full moon eclipse, which caused the gravity to push up the water from the land side (not the ocean side). At that day, when I was going back to hotel from dinner, I had water up to my knees even in the middle of the street. The streets were closed for the cars, no public transport. But I think this is especially big problem near the hotel I stayed (Freehand Miami). I really wish them to fix this as good as they can and I hope it is possible because the hotel itself was very nice, though rooms were tiny.

In the previous post about New York I mentioned that you need 4 – 6 days to explore the city, here you are enough with 1 or 2, I think. But this is particularly for the city! If you have budget and time, I assume to explore Florida more is a thing to do. Except if you’re really a party person, you won’t get fed up with bars /clubs / pubs / pool-parties in the Miami South Beach.

That’s all I have to say about Miami, you can only find a bunch of pictures in this post – click on Continue Reading:


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