New York New York Love Love New York

From time to time people have a problem called “expectations”. Because of this problem our relationship break, we dislike our new job etc. Also when traveling, it is very important to avoid “expectations”, but in case you still have them, I suggest you to go to New York. There your problem will be solved by meeting your expectations and exceeding them, if you want to surprise yourself by visiting the Brighton Beach and Coney Island Beach, which is nothing like what you see in movies with views of New York!

If you are an active traveler (like me most of the time) – 4 days is enough to explore the whole Manhattan and to visit those two previously mentioned places. But if you like to enjoy, take at least 2 days extra, so you can not only walk through but also sit in the Central Park, Bryant Park and High Line Park and enjoy the surrounding, as well as not to only take a look but try some food in China Town, Little Italy or have a coffee in Time Square.

Here I have published the essence. Though I thought I am taking a lot of pictures, for now it feels that there are just so many things left behind the camera. But that is the value added to me personally from my trip, that I won’t ever be able to share. You have to have your own.

Click on the pictures for the full size and enjoy! You are also more than welcome to send your questions regarding tips / experience / or whatever.




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