The “Life After [..]” Trap

Since we are little we all get questioned by others:

-What will you become when you grow up? // Life after childhood

-What will you study after you finish your school? // Life after school

-Where are you going to work after you graduate? // Life after university

-What will you do next, to get promoted? // Life after being in low position at your work

-Where are you going to travel next? // Life after work

-When are you going to have a baby? // Life after being just married

I never thought there could be so many future-oriented questions! But they are all around, all the time. And unfortunately this is not always helping us to become better or reach highest mountains. I see more and more people (including myself) struggling to answer these questions and not because they (and I) don’t know the answer, but because they (and I) are fed up with social pressure and standards of having one or the other way of living. As well as, the paradox – whatever you answer, others will always have comments on it!

The aim of the Meditation is to STAY PRESENT, and not only during your daily meditation rutin whether it is 20 minutes or 3 hours, but actually during the whole day – whatever you are doing and wherever you are. Enjoy your presence!


It is not bad to have these questions in your mind, but it is unhealthy to be obsessed with them. Why? Because at the end of the day you don’t have no mental and physical capacity to actually do the tasks that are require to reach your goals.


For me this problem occurs mostly when I get borred of what I am doing. Basically, when I feel that the task I am doing is not in line with my future-oriented thinking and goal reaching. I will give you an example, it is called “reading”. For me being able to do my job and keep on going with studies, most of the time I need to read. But very often I cannot focus on reading (usually from approximately 11am to 4/5pm). Why? Because I am full with energy to actually do something about what I have read so far, firstly, it is to go and meet other people to discuss the issues, then write analysis, do some calculations, maybe just experiment in order to find new angles of the same thing I was working on before, to do market research, call people etc. and so for. And then when the active work is done, I can read for hours, while others are having their tea time at home. The point is – FLEXIBILITY.  I love it because I can adjust my working habits to the level of energy I have and the cycle I am experiencing during the day. But when I cannot do that, I get borred and start to think about “Life After” this day, this hour, this coffee, this article, these news, this imitation of working. The funny thing is that I will always do my job even the least pleasant one, the question is when I am going to do it (of course within the time until the deadline) and how am I going to feel about it.

So what to do? CHANGE YOUR FOCUS! Find what your body is saying to do and do it with full energy and being as present as possible. And what is funny about it – when you work so hard being fully present, you are actually boosting your energy and you feel motivated, happy, active and ready to go for more.

I think the path towards success is being present as much as possible. When you start getting into “Life After” Trap in its bad sense, your efficiency decreases and you lose your focus, your time and money.

To not to get into “Life After” Trap, the first thing to learn is to say “NO!”. This is what I am learning myself. I believe I (and you too) will manage!

I wish you all the luck on what you are doing, right now! And I don’t care when will you have your first child, next trip or promotion at work. I think you are great where you are and I hope you are enjoying yourself!


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