Trinidad and Tobago

To start the New 2016 year, I had to finalise the 2015. And surprisingly or not, I was too busy (or forgetful or lazy) to publish my pictures from trip to Trinidad and Tobago, so here they are. I hope you will enjoy. Now it is middle of winter but watching these pics makes me warm and thirsty. This all wouldn’t be possible without the best friends in the world, so I really want to thank Travis and his family and friends, you made my travel AMAZING! Each of you! The trip to Trinidad and Tobago wasn’t only about the beaches, it was about the friendship we want to sustain and love to share!

There are a lot of stories to tell about lions roaring and parrots clamouring in the evenings, lizards living in gardens; about all the road and boat trips; about home made and street food… Oh, I got so hungry suddenly.

I wish you all and especially those in need to have true friendships this and all following years! Happy New Year!

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