Strasbourg at the end of the year

The last trip of this year to Strasbourg was full with experience. First of all, it was my first time in France. Yes, I know – such a popular country, in the middle of Europe and I had never visited it before. I must say, it was worth waiting for it.

The Monday morning started with a drive to European Parliament, where I spent my working hours in very empty (in terms of paper volumes) office, with nice view from the window. I had also opportunity to visit the Plenary session, which was just as empty as sometimes my (and probably all others around the globe) national Parliament. But when it comes to the voting at the end of the meeting – from all the sides people are entering the hall and being just as noisy as kinds in kindergarten right before teachers try to gather them for middays’ sleep. It remind me about my visit to Latvian Parliament in 2006 or 2007 (wow, almost 10 years ago!), in the time when Mr. Kalvītis was the Prime Minister. (What a shame.) I remember him standing and talking so loud I could hear that he was asking for chocolate to his colleague. (Or was it an illusion?) I assume we all are looking for coffee breaks whenever we can, especially when we have to sit in the (important?!) meeting (just for?!) 3hours. [This is an irony, of course.]

IMG_3291 IMG_3294


Am I now having a role just as Mr. Kaimiņš in Latvia? Hopefully not, but we have something in common in our minds, I guess.


Anyways, when my job was done I took my chance to walk around and explore the city.

Strasbourg is amazing with a lot of churches that I am not particularly interested in and many fancy 4-floor buildings that I love. Christmas markets in every square, but still, Strasbourg was quiet, calm and charming.


I have obsession about the details, though. As for example, I discovered that this is the first city I have visited, where bike lines go against the flow of the car lines (many but not all). Usually you get bike lines next to the car lines going the same direction, but not in the Strasbourg. Take a very careful look in the first picture – there is one-way car line by the Parliament, and the one-way bike line goes in the opposite way. You can find many streets like this.




As I didn’t have lunch, my stomach was begging for food. Unfortunately or fortunately, I was too busy with discovering streets that I just couldn’t sit down. I found sweets’ shop on my way and of course, it wouldn’t be me passing by with ignorance. I bought a box of 6 macaroons for 9EUR and had my best 10min in Strasbourg. I am ridden by good food.




The Art with an intimacy (and my reflection) also catch by attention on the way. #runningforakiss


And finally after 3 hours walking I got cold and by a sudden found very fun cafe “Bagelstein” with a lot of historical pictures. Took a tea and was thinking, whether some of the pictures are real, because there are group of scientists arguing that there are no shadows on the Moon. Some life-worth questions never leaving me. Maybe in France you get even more of them? I think I will google this question tonight.

IMG_3366 IMG_3368

Happy New Year and I wish you to have more travels! :)


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