Starting #travels 2016: 09.01.2016. Brugge, Belgium.

On 09.01.2016. I started my ‪#‎travels2016‬ . This time I had no flights and I did not cross any borders, but still I traveled – one hour by train took me to one of the most praised cities in Belgium – Brugge. I agree the city is beautiful. But for me the most impressive thing was The Old CURIOSITY Shop, which hold true treasures for me. I love postcards, but these are like 100 years old postcards they sell! And just 0,50euros each, seriously?! So I bought 10. Then the other funny thing was the white BlackBird caffe. It reminded me about the time when you’re 15 years old and you call your white friends also niggas (no racism, I love people no matter if they’re white, black or blue;) ). And finally I also got to know what is the real Belgium Design – no design. 

Check the pictures by clicking on Continue Reading:


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