Copenhagen full with surprises – Through back Thursday (May, 2014)

My intense traveling started two years ago, at 2013. 13 indeed is my lucky number and therefore a lot of changes happened that year. Traveling started as process for filling up my free time and hunger for action but now it has grown up being a self-searching-never-ending process.

Last year at May I was in Copenhagen. There for the first time I really felt the spirit of biking but not only. A lot of surprises came across me.

First of all I am probably a little Scandinavian fun. Big streets, big bridges, big parks, big buildings. All the big things. I like “big” so much that even at that time I had these strange red sunglasses.

Also their neighboors Norwegians understand that Size Matters :)


City surprised me with following things one by one…

Everyone has heard about Christiania, which is a district where to smoke weed is allowed. If this is somewhere surprising, then for me the situation was even more exciting. In the first time I was there I got in the Pride for Legalising Marihuana. I think I even got dizzy by the air and I hope I was not on TV as I got in the middle of all this mess :) Loud music, a lot of people, a lot of weed smoke.

10322922_782287541789473_1859342482_n 10345116_782287538456140_1969987167_n

But in the meanwhile the place is super chilly. To take photos there is not allowed by the way.

The second thing that surprised me was a random museum I went in. It was something about a war. They had actually built imitation of real bunkers and war zone.

The one of the things to do in Copenhagen is to go to the Mermaid. Then suddenly I found myself watching an old-school auto pride. Is it all about prides in Copenhagen? :)))

And one of my passions of course – arts. This time I found the only sculpture with lashes (now you know that usually sculptures are without lashes!), intense feelings looking to the Fate, and people with monkey faces.

This is how it goes for me – you are going for relaxing weekend and then you end up having crazy fun and a lot of experience. When you’re open, it all just comes to you. So I stay open. Thank you for this nice trip to my friend Linda, who hosted me during my staying.




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